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Kenosha AI represents a transformative leap in AI technology for the clinical research industry, featuring an enterprise-grade GPT-class artificial intelligence platform. Our journey with Kenosha AI began at the ideation stage, evolving from initial whiteboard sketches to sophisticated Figma mockups that detail every aspect of the user experience. We developed a comprehensive branding package, including a distinctive logo and a preliminary website, to establish a strong visual identity that resonates within the industry. Juno designed the product flow and provided detailed interface screenshots to showcase the platform’s capabilities. A pivotal element of our collaboration involved enhancing their AI chatbot, where we fine-tuned the underlying large language model to meet the specific needs of clinical research professionals, ensuring that Kenosha AI is not only powerful but also intuitive and responsive to user interactions.


Kenosha AI


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October 2023 - Present

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Through extensive user research, we discovered that many e-bike users felt overwhelmed by the technology and controls on their bikes. To address this, we created a simple and intuitive interface that allows riders to easily adjust their level of assist and monitor their battery life. We also incorporated GPS navigation, allowing riders to plan their route and track their progress.

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The end result is Kenosha AI, a sophisticated enterprise-grade GPT-class artificial intelligence platform specifically tailored for the clinical research industry. This platform seamlessly integrates into the workflows of clinical researchers, providing a highly intuitive user interface and a responsive AI chatbot fine-tuned for specialized interactions. From initial concepts to polished Figma mockups, the comprehensive design and branding encapsulate a distinct visual identity that stands out in the market. Kenosha AI enhances operational efficiencies and transforms how clinical data is interpreted and utilized, setting a new standard in AI-driven clinical research solutions.

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